Friday, March 11, 2016

Mom...get your head out of the sand!

You need to be afraid of what your daughter is facing. 
Stop burying your head in the sand regarding what your daughter sees and is exposed to daily!

I feel like a paddle ball on a string most days when I assess the emotions of my teenage daughter.  

Her sphere of face-to-face influencers is small and her circle of electronic advisors is wider than any crowd I may fight at the mall on Black Friday.

We have daily conversations about who is sending nude pictures, short porn videos, dating rates and hates and nasty comments.  We discuss cigarette and pot smoking.  We chat about the latest parties and who brought alcohol and who snuck out through their basement window wells.

I watch videos unfold on her snapchat feed that depict nudity and crude comments and cotton-candy-like-smoke-clouds from e-cigs and 13-year-old's vaping.  

I watch girls dancing for their cameras wearing the latest Victoria Secret lingerie line and taking dares to run outside in just their bras and panties.

Who are these kids? Where do they go to school? Who are their parents?

These are your kids...they are my kids - they are in 8th grade and 6th grade and 11th grade and everywhere in between.  They are in public school and private school and home school! 

Get your head up and see what's happening in their worlds! 

You will spend over $200 during the spring break week ahead just to entertain your daughter at that movies
, bowling alley or shopping mall.  It will have no long term influence - she will not learn any lasting lessons about her value or her ability to set boundaries in relationships.  

 No one at the mall will tell her about how much she is loved by Jesus and why she matters.  When she picks up her shoes at the bowling alley, the lady at the counter won't want to get to know her or what makes her happy or stresses her out.  When she buys her popcorn at the theatre, no one will tell her that she is a precious jewel - created to be cherished and adored by her future husband or that there are other ways to manage her anxiety than through self injury or purging.

She will hear all of those things and more at this years PURITY IS NO COMPROMISE (PINC) girls retreat on Friday, April 8 & Saturday, April 9.  
Send your daughter!!!

Will she want to go? 
Maybe not.
Will she say she has no friends coming? 
Will she say it's weird because she'll learn about God?
But....will she feel loved - absolutely - it will be a respite from the craziness of the virtual world and 24 hours of validation of everything positive that she needs in a world that offers her 364 days of negativity.
Register NOW -
$38 - includes t-shirt.

You don't hesitate to drop her off at the movies when you aren't nuts about the content  -- why are you letting her call the shots about attending an event that you know could change her life. 

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