Sunday, August 12, 2012

Love notes...

I get overwhelmed with parenting some days.  There are times I truly think I should be fired.  I say 'no' way more than I say 'yes' and I seem to butt heads with my oldest about something nearly everyday.  From pop stars to clothing, her perceived need for a cell phone and my embarrassing behavior when I speak to most anyone she knows, it has become a bit of an uphill battle.

Please do not misunderstand, I adore my daughter, she is beautiful and creative and so fun to be with that I can't wait to share the rest of my life with her, but some days I wonder if I'm cut out for this job.  I'll admit I am not the most fun mom around.  I won't allow her to have a Facebook account and I screen most things she is allowed to watch, but her Dad and I are not withholding Aeropastle or I-tunes or sleepovers...that would be crazy! (snicker...) 

We have a few non-negotiables though and one of them is God.  We insist on AWANA's and weekly church.  We talk about our faith and we look for ways to serve others.  Bible studies and small groups are hosted in our home weekly and we try to live our beliefs.  Sometimes we fail miserably and we rely on God's grace and forgiveness to try again to love as He loves us.

It gets messy and sometimes and I lose hope that we are breaking through to our beautiful princess.  Then something amazing happens.  God sends a love note.  I mini pep rally created just for me at just the right time.  This week my inspiration came in the note you see above.  It was tucked in the top corner of my daughters' mirror, a simple affirmation to me that God has this covered.  Amongst the Justin Bieber posters and the One Direction clippings, was a love note.  A note sent just when I needed it to a tired mom who was feeling worn down by the world.

The note was a reminder that I need to stay the course.  That my daughter is listening.  That although the media influences are strong and the desire to fit in with her clothing and material things is stifling, He is still carving out a piece of her heart too. God is that still small voice that is speaking to her heart and He's speaking to mine too.

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  1. What an awesome love note to find! I am praying for you today, Emily! Do not grow weary in doing well! I'm asking God to continue to sprinkle your path with "tokens of encouragement" on your motherhood adventure. Parenting is not easy, but you seeking Him and pointing your family to Him - and that will bear much fruit! May you hear the voice of your Savior reminding you "job well done".
    Cindy :)