Monday, August 20, 2012



I was sitting a few chairs away at the nail salon this from three very chatty, very giggly girls.  The three soon-to-be-freshmen young ladies were talking away about high school starting in just a few days.  I couldn't help but overhear a fellow '40-something' customer who was seated next to them offering them some unsolicited advice.   "Just be yourself and you'll do great!" she suggested.  "Don't worry if you're a little boy crazy, I was, and I turned out just fine."

I'm always been fascinated by the way we are so free to offer advice to others.  Don't we love to throw out our insight like candy at a parade? The problem is that our advice is always tainted with a perspective....ours!  It's never neutral.

What is God's perspective on your life? What does He see from His vantage point?  What advice would He offer you?

In an exercise to help 'visualize' their faith, I took my teen small group through a challenge of finding magazine pictures encouraging them 'see' what their relationship with God looks like. 

My favorite picture came from a sweetie who grew up in the church and was an expert in 'bible speak' (she could answer any question with the text book answer...whether she felt it in her heart or not).  It was a beautiful Fall scene torn from Better Homes & Gardens of a bistro table and two chairs surrounded by colorful landscaping.  It was such an intimate setting.

"This is how I view my relationship with God right now," she explained.
"He's sitting there waiting for me through all seasons, and I'm not showing up."

Awesome honest perspective.  What does your relationship with God look like?  If He's sitting on your patio waiting on you, get out there and make Him at home, in your heart.

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